“You”, and “Your” refer to the applicant. “We”, “Us”, “Our” refer to Enliven Financial Inc.

You consent to and authorize us and our agents and assigns to collect, use, retain and disclose your personal information including credit reports and other financial information (collectively, “Information”) for as long as required for the purposes of: (i) evaluating your credit application and determining your creditworthiness and to open, operate, maintain, service, process, analyze, audit and collect on your account(s); (ii) verifying your identity; (iii) meeting legal and regulatory requirements; (iv) statistical and record keeping purposes; (v) advertising to you other financial products and services offered or approved by us or by select third parties that may be of interest to you; (vi)continuing to deliver products and/or services including the mailing of information physically or electronically to you; (vii) continuing to upkeep the Information that you have provided us including regularly obtaining reports from credit reporting agencies; (viii) exercising our rights as they relate to the Disclosure Statement and Loan Agreement; and (ix) funding and securitization, provided that you may withdraw consent to the use and disclosure of Information for the purposes described herein by giving notice to us.

You also consent to and authorize us, until such time as all amounts that you owe under the Disclosure Statement and Loan Agreement have been paid, to obtain and share Information, from time to time, from and with, credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus, any party mentioned in credit reports, and any other person, corporation, firm, or enterprise with whom you have or propose to have a financial relationship or any other person providing or requesting a reference. You further consent to and authorize those third parties to share personal information with us for the above-referenced purposes.

You authorize us to provide this authorization, if requested, to your employer or financial institution to confirm your employment and financial information.

You hereby provide consent for us to retain your information whether or not the loan is approved. We may use the services of any financial institution or other reliable third party of our choice as our agent or service provider. We may use affiliated companies and/or third parties outside Canada. You understand that, as a result, your information may be accessible in accordance of the law of that particular jurisdiction.

A copy of our Privacy Policy is available at http://WeEnliven.com/privacy-policy/

You acknowledge that the information you have provided on this application is complete and accurate and understand that we are relying on the information to extend you credit.

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[i] This is a pre-qualification only. It is not assurance of approval. Now that you're pre-qualified, your next step is to apply to get approved. To be considered for approval and receive an accurate rate, please complete the application process. All applicants must meet Enliven's lending criteria for us to proceed. Enliven's acceptance criteria and rates are subject to change without notice at any time. An offer of a mortgage may change or be withdrawn at any time without notice until committed by Enliven in writing. Other conditions and restrictions may apply as posted from time to time